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About cooked

cooked delivers fresh ingredients with easy to follow recipes, straight to your door, making it simple to cook a healthy, tasty meal at home.


Bored of standing in line at the grocery store, bored of meal planning? We take the hassle out of home-cooking and make it enjoyable. Zero food waste, prepped ingredients, quick and easy home-cooking!


cooked is an on-demand and subscription based meal kit company that offers new and varying recipes with pre-measured, perfectly portioned ingredients sourced directly from suppliers leading to reduced food waste delivered straight to your home.


  • 100% natural, absolutely no preservatives or nasties

  • Healthy well balanced meals

  • Chef created

  • Less time planning, prepping and cooking

  • Exact portions = zero food waste

  • Home-cooking entertainment and experiences

  • Eat better together!

Meet The Team

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I am a Mother of three beautiful but always hungry children and I have a husband who loves his food. Luckily, I love to cook, so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, talking about food, making memories, and exploring lots of different recipes.

I also spent many years working in Finance, which was super rewarding as I worked at the heart of private equity. But, like many of you, 2020 was a year that made me pause and re-evaluate. I found myself wanting to work on tangible things that were purposeful and impactful.

At the same time, I found myself on the phone (A LOT) walking my friends and family through recipes and one day after my sister called me for what felt like the hundredth time I told her: I wish I could just send you a box with all the chopped ingredients and instructions!

I am beyond excited to share cooked with you. Every box is intentionally prepared to recreate some of those wonderful feelings of a homecooked meal from our kitchen. We source the best ingredients and do all the prep work for you. It's easy, affordable, and delicious!



Hi, I’m John and I’m super passionate about food and love cooking so it’s my pleasure to bring you cooked. I’m excited to bring you fun, flavour packed recipes that you can easily whip up at home. I’ve worked in Michelin starred restaurants around the world including Les Trois Rois in Switzerland. I’ve also worked in the best resturants and kitchens across Nairobi.


I’ve been busy dreaming up, creating and testing these recipes especially for you so you can cook just like a Chef. It’s my hope that you enjoy them as much as I’ve loved creating them.  


Martin has over 9 years of experience in the food industry. Through his work he has observed the shift in the industry led by increasingly health conscious consumers. Martin took the plunge and founded Desserts Anyone, exploring the sweet opportunity in offering consumers nutritious yet fun food in line with global trends. Bringing his wealth of experience and knowledge to Try Cooked, Martin ensures that you get all your recipe kits delivered in good time by working directly with all stakeholders, such as our ingredient suppliers, to guarantee a fresh, healthy and tasty experience. His one passion? Creating sustainable change in society through enterprise.

cooked was started with the belief that time poor consumers, like us, were struggling to ensure they ate a healthy, varied diet and were resorting to unhealthy takeaways in the search of convenience. We also felt that consumers were often overwhelmed by recipes on the internet with new ingredients often going to waste. So we dreamt up cooked to delivers convenient, simple, healthy, quality-at-home cooking experiences.


Founded by 3 young Kenyans passionate about quality, good food, they decided to turn home-cooking into entertainment and an experience to be enjoyed!