Our Impact

Like you, we care deeply about the planet and its health. While we can’t do everything, we are committed to continuously learning and doing our best. So here are some of the initiatives we’ve put in place to do our bit. Have any ideas for us? Email us:


Reducing Food Waste

We deliver pre-measured, perfectly portioned ingredients leading to important reductions in food waste as there no unsed ingredients that go waste. This reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.


Reducing Food Miles

We source our ingredients directly from our suppliers meaning your food has less miles to travel to get to you. This conserves energy and resources, preventing pollution involved in transporting food.  


Carbon Neutral Deliveries

We use an innovative battery powered boda boda to deliver your food anywhere in Nairobi.


Recycled & Compostable Materials 

We have carefully designed our packaging to use recyclable or compostable materials and have worked with Carton Experts & Taka Taka Solutions Ltd to do this to guarantee our commitment to protecting our environment.


Promoting Health

A healthy population is critical for sustainable economic development and we aim to help our customers make the best eating choices.



Want to know how you can help? cooked subscribers can return their packaging to us each week using our delivery drivers and we will ensure that it is properly recycled by our friends at Taka Taka Solutions. Non-subscribers are encouraged to drop off their packaging at any Taka Taka Solutions Drop Off Stations conveniently located around Nairobi or simply sign up for their bin collection services and they’ll do the rest!

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